Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Areas of activity

"The activities of the" Chair Local Legal Studies Màrius Viadel i Martin, "structured around five key areas:"

a. Training activities

  • Support the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate URV, preferably organized by the Faculty of Law and Public Law Department.
  • Support for the supply of lifelong learning addressed to the staff in the public and the professionals involved, preferably in the legal field and, in particular, local authorities, organized by the FURV and other public and / or private case.
  • Collaboration in the organization of internal and external practicum and clinical legal activities offered on the lessons organized by the URV and FURV.

b. Search

  • Support research and research departments and centers of the URV, preferably the legal public and in particular for the establishment of new regulations, solutions and legal institutions that represent a benefit to the public and the general interest.
  • Collaboration in the dissemination of results through conferences, forums, seminars and lay scientists.

c. Analysis and Creating views

  • Conducting research and analysis on issues of interest to the citizens and the territory of Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre.
  • Participation in opinion forums, debates and media on these issues.
  • Publication of papers and publications of interest to the parties, particularly legal and in particular the local level.

d.Knowledge transfer

  • Advice on drafting regulations state, national or local collaboration in the legal defense.
  • Technical assistance and consultancy in matters of legal interest, substantive or organizational, particularly local.
  • Guidance for businesses and professionals on issues of law, in particular the public.

e. Dissemination of knowledge

  • Development and implementation of activities that facilitate the learning of legal issues of interest to the population.
  • Organization of courses and seminars on topical issues, especially legal.
  • Preparation of legal materials and outreach aimed at specific audiences.
  • Development of tools and products in the context of the new technologies of information and communication on matters of legal interest, particularly local.