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The URV prepare the proposed code of ethics for Catalan companies operating in third countries

The Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation has contracted the URV for the elaboration of an ethical code of human rights and gender equality responsible for the internationalization of Catalan companies and their implementation mechanisms and monitoring. The order was made following a public tender to a group of researchers at the Research Group "Planning, Citizenship and Sustainability", the Department of Public Law, in collaboration with a researcher from the Department of Management Business.

The recent Law 16/2014, of December 4, foreign affairs and relations with the European Union, provides in Article 12.2 that the Government must ensure the consistency of the promotion of economic internationalization of Catalonia with respect for human rights in any action takes place.

The Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD) and the Agency for the competitiveness of the business of the Government of Catalonia (ACTION) foreseen in the Annual Plan for Development Cooperation in 2015 the implementation of a Plan ACCD between work and action to accompany the incorporation of the values ??of development cooperation in enterprise policy, with an emphasis on human rights and gender. Among the actions planned in the Work Plan, it is considered necessary to have a code of ethics for the protection of human rights for Catalan companies working in partner countries and promote this Code in the policy of internationalization of Catalan companies the Government. This is the justification for this commission sponsored by the ACCD as contracting authority.

The research group "Territory, Citizenship and Sustainability"(/grups-de-recerca/grup-de-recerca-de-la-urv-territori-ciutadania-i-sostenibilitat-2014-sgr-294/), currently involved in the project funded by the European Commission "Business & Human Rights challenges for cross border litigation in the European Union" (http://humanrightsinbusiness.eu/).


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