Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Research group in organization and human resources in public security and intelligence

I - Background

     Studies of intelligence and security in recent years have achieved an increasing importance in the university scene in Spain. In this regard, it should be noted the existence of the Chair of Intelligence Services at the University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) and on Intelligence and Security Institute at the University Carlos III (UC3), apart from other experiences designed to research and teach around a specific discipline, intelligence.

     Intelligence is a civil state with very specific characteristics because it is developed by organisms that are part of the public; but under principles of secret reserves and very sharp.

     Moreover, issues of public safety, are also inherently important and have attained progressively strong presence in the world of research and the university in general. In this regard, note the creation in 1999 of the School of Prevention and Integral Security of the Autonomous University of Barcelona; in line with the Centre for the Study of Public Order, University of Leicester, Centre for Police Studies and Criminal Justice at the University of Exeter and the Office of International Criminal Justice at the University of Illinois.

     However, the 2010-2011 academic year, the University Rovira i Virgili was the first in Catalonia and throughout the state launched a training project in the area of ​​the Organiser and human resource management intelligence -now seeks to expand public safety LATU sensu-Permanent Seminar in Organization and Human Resources Services Intelligence; with the aim of studying the organization of the structures of intelligence and security in Spain and around the world; and the management and regulation of the human resources involved in these tasks.

     The seminar with the participation of university professors and professionals of the intelligence and security everywhere. And also for the first time in Catalonia has been at the university with the collaboration of the National Intelligence Center, public-l'ens excellence in Spain responsible for the functions of intelligence and counterintelligence-State.

II. - Object

     The creation of the Research Group for Organization and Human Resources Intelligence and Public Safety (GRORHISP) is developing forecasts of art. Concordant and 124 of the Statute of the URV, and within the Department of Public Law.

     THE GRORHISP, permanent, focuses on research, training and knowledge transfer in the field of organization and human resources in the field of intelligence and security agencies.

III. - Purposes

     The purpose of the study is GRORHISP, research, training, knowledge transfer and implementation of proposals on the organization of the intelligence services, both in our country and others; as well as the structure and legal status of human resources.

     In order to have a complete view of intelligence as a public service of the rule of law, it seems necessary to also incorporate the study and research on public security in the broadest sense, but also focused organizational structure and human resources of those institutions or bodies of one or otherwise contribute directly and indirectly.

     Besides the career of its members in these areas, the research group has gained experience with the organization of the seminar mentioned above and ongoing participation in IIon. International Conference on Intelligence, organized by URJC and UC3 Madrid in November 2010, among others.

IV. - Areas of activity

The areas shall be GRORHISP activities are:

     Information and promoting debate
     Encourage continuing education, specialization and graduate
     scientific research
     Innovation in public management
     Observatory practices
     Knowledge Transfer
     Documents and Publications

These areas are defined, among others, on the following topics which GRORHISP:

     Creating the website of the research group as a method of spreading their activities and publications.
     Periodical paper web specific and concrete works on current issues.
     Participation and collaboration, if any at conferences and seminars on national and international levels.
     Presentation and / or publication of an annual average of four articles in scientific journals and / or conference papers,  seminars and workshops nationally and internationally.
     Permanent organization of the seminar, which began in the 2010-2011 academic year as a place of encounter and reflection teachers, professionals and students.

V - Organization

  •      Management of the security area

                       Dr. Jose Ramon Fuentes gases, Professor of Administrative Law and Director, Department of Public Law

  •      Address the area of intelligence

                       Dr. Boltaina and Xavier Bosch, honorary professor of administrative law URV and Manager of the Barcelona Provincial Council

  •      Research Team

Dra. Judith Gifreu and Fountain, Professor of Administrative Law and Director, Chair Enric Prat de la Riba, local legal studies
Dra. Carolina Gala Durán, professor of labor law and social security. Professor, UAB
Dr. Jaria and George Manzano, lecturer of constitutional law, URV
Dr. Abdelkader José Miguel García, Chief Superintendent, local police Cerdanyola.
Dr. Endrius Cocciolo, lecturer in administrative law, URV
Mr. Ramon Torres Estrada, Head of Tarragona Coastal Demarcation of the State in Catalonia and associate professor of administrative law, URV

Mr. Francis Xavier Forcadell and chips, local government secretary, attorney, City of La Pobla de Mafumet and associate professor of administrative law, URV
Sra. Louise Bordas Yuste, responsible for legal advice to the Police Region Tarragona, Department of the Interior
Sra. Marina Rodriguez Beas scholar of administrative law, URV

VI. - Headquarters

GRORHISP headquarters is located at the offices of the Department of Public Law at the Faculty of Law, BC. Catalonia, 35, 43003 Tarragona.