Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Hiroshima University students participate in an international seminar at the URV

The Fourth International Seminar March 2016 Hiroshima held on campus Catalonia. It is within the network INU (International Network of Universities), whose members are the Japanese university and URV.

The weekend arrival, the young Japanese have already started in Catalan culture were known around monumental Tarraco and students of the seminary of human mobility and human rights begin the study subject that occupies all week. On Monday March 14 there was a meeting for all exchange of information and knowledge between cultures beginning of Japanese and Catalan.

In the seminar on human mobility and human rights, coordinated by Professor Victor Merino (Public Law Department), facilitates contact between visitors and students of the URV, because they work together in class and sets. A session is like issues: the scope of the declaration of human rights, with regard to climate change, environmental degradation and human displacement; indigenous peoples and extractive industries, internal migration in Europe; the relationship between power, territory and citizenship, or the relationship between food and human rights. The faculty is composed
Thays Ricarte, Antonio Cardesa, Malka San Lucas, Lorena Martínez, Susana Borràs, Beatriz Felipe, Diana Marin, Aitana De la Varga, Mariam Lufti, David Dueñas.

The seminar Cuidatge Nursing is coordinated by Professor Maria Jiménez (Department of Nursing). A sessions expose the development of the Catalan and Spanish health systems, how caring hospitals; the mental health system, complementary therapies, the network of primary care, care for the elderly, International Nursing: Caring nursing care in different areas; and finally unveil the Faculty of Nursing at the URV. The faculty is composed Garcia- Villarubia, Olivia Hernandez, Carmen Flores, Maria Jimenez, Dolores Burjalés, Esmel Nieves, Elena
Abello, Antonia Martorell.

All Japanese students shared cultural and recreational activities and visits to know the environment and the country (Tarragona, Priorat and Barcelona).


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