Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Join the ongoing "Parliament University Week 2016" in the Parliament of Catalonia

Parliament Week University is a training course, which will take place from 16 to 22 July, aimed at students from the universities of Catalonia, while not excluding other universities; nor exclude any branch of knowledge.

The purpose of the Week is to inform Parliament University political operation, structure and functions of the parliamentary institution and the work of the people who represent it.

Parliament Week University is structured around a series of simulations of parliamentary activity supervised by university teachers, which also involved representatives of the Parliament of Catalonia and representatives of other policy areas and institutional Catalans.

To make the simulation, students are organized according to their areas of expertise and interest, and constitute:

- Parliamentary groups

- Legal advisers (lawyers)

- Language Consultants

- Parliamentary Press and other media

Students who participate have the opportunity to obtain academic recognition this year and remain in the provincial grants for student accommodation residences registered outside the metropolitan area of ??Barcelona.

Is now open registration period of the Week # spuni2016 Parliament University in 2016. You can find all the information and the registration form on the Web 

For more information on this event, please contactmarina.rodriguez(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat


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