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Launch of the Journal of Environmental Law: "La Tutela judicial frente al daño ambiental colectivo"

On Monday, June 29, 2020, the Journal of Environmental Law "La tutela Judicial frente al daño ambiental colectivo: radiografía del acceso a la justicia ambiental en Argentina y España" was officially launched with the participation of author Gastón Medici Colombo.

Gastón Medici, author of the book and pre-doctoral researcher at the Tarragona Center for Environmental Law Studies, shared through a webinar the findings, reflections and conclusions of his research.

During the presentation, the author carried out a comparative analysis between Spanish and Argentinean regulations based on the premise that the inadequacy of procedural rules affects not only access to jurisdiction but also to environmental justice itself, considered from a multidimensional perspective (Schlosberg, 2009). With this in mind, he reviewed the supranational regulations on the right to access to environmental justice - including Escazú Agreement.

Finally, the author concluded his presentation with critical considerations and proposals for legal changes, which he considers to be necessary for an adequate environmental protection and of diffuse interests at large, in a context of growing global conflict.

The Journal of environmental law is a joint initiative between the Territory, Citizenship and Sustainability Research Group, Vilaseca City Council and Rovira i Virgili University, which aims to promote research among young graduates of University Master's Degree in Environmental Law, publishing the best research work of each promotion.

Watch the video of the presentation HERE

Access the free online publication HERE


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