Universitat Rovira i Virgili


The Department of Public Law was born on 1 January 2003 after the split of the former Department of Law in two. Consists of administration and services, and more than fifty teachers officials, and hired new associates who belong to areas of expertise: Political Science and Public Administration, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Ecclesiastical Law of the State , Philosophy of Law, History of Law and Institutions, International Law and International Relations, Criminal Law and Labour Law and Social Security.

Members of the Public Law Department develop their teaching primarily at the Faculty of Law of the URV, specifically the teachings of Law Labor Relations and Employment, Social Work, as well as other schools and URV: l School of Tourism and Leisure Vilaseca, Faculty of Economics and Business, the School of Chemical Engineering and tourism education in the Campus Terres de l'Ebre.

For postgraduate studies offered inter-university PhD Criminal Justice System as part of the Joan Lluís Vives Institute with nine participating universities. With regard to research, the majority of faculty in the Department participates in the research group Territory, citizenship, immigration and local government. This group has research projects funded by national and European organizations and their members involved in teaching Certificates organized by the URV among which include, among others, the Masters universitary in Environmental Law (MUDA) and postgraduate Immigration Global Management.

In addition, the Department carries out other activities related to teaching and research, such as the organization of conferences and seminars, participation in seminars and academic activities, as well as the transfer and management of knowledge through agreements with institutions in particular the field of local and regional Catalan.

This website intends to collect and report on all these aspects mentioned above. I wish you a pleasant and fruitful visit to our department.